Statement from the Election Modernization Coalition regarding the SJC Decision in Lyons v. Sec of the Commonwealth

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We are truly gratified that the Supreme Judicial Court of MA’s explanation of their decision, issued today, in the case of JAMES LYONS & others vs. SECRETARY OF THE COMMONWEALTH upholds, in the strongest terms, provisions of the VOTES Act that are key to expanding access to voting for Bay Staters. The Election Modernization Coalition’s goal has always been, and remains, ensuring that democracy —by way of voting—is accessible to all. Our campaign for the VOTES Act had an extra victory today when the SJC said: “Voting is a fundamental right, and nothing…prohibits the Legislature, which has plenary constitutional powers, including broad powers to regulate the process of elections and even broader powers with respect to primaries, from enhancing voting opportunities. This is particularly true with respect to the universal early voting provisions in the VOTES act.”

The Election Modernization Coalition is made up of Common Cause Massachusetts, ACLU of Massachusetts, League of Women Voters of Massachusetts, MassVOTE, the Massachusetts Voter Table, MASSPIRG, and Lawyers for Civil Rights.