Toxics: Risks and Tips

Marylanders should have the tools to protect their children and families from toxic chemicals, and no child should have to face the long-term health effects that can result from chemical exposure.

Maryland PIRG Foundation

Read Labels.
From air fresheners to disinfectants to toys, read and research labels to avoid bringing toxics into your home.

For example:

  • The chemicals triclosan and chlorine, found in some soaps and cleaning supplies, have been linked to cancer.
  • Polyethylene glycol and formaldehyde, found in products like face wash and baby furniture, have been linked to asthma.
  • Heavy metals like cadmium and plasticizers like phthalates are found in some toys, and have been linked to developmental problems.
  • Look for cleaning products labeled “non-toxic,” “petroleum-free,” “biodegradable,” or “phosphate-free.”

Remove house dust by vacuuming twice a week.
Toxic chemicals like flame retardants and pesticides can build up in house dust. Simple steps like removing your outdoor shoes and vacuuming often can reduce risks.

Open your windows.
Just five minutes of open windows and fresh air every day can improve your home’s air quality and reduce some toxic risks.

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