Maryland Towing Protections

Gettting of the Hook of a Predatory Tow

Here's a look at where Maryland stands withits towing protections.

Maryland PIRG Foundation

Every year, millions of Americans have their carstowed. And while returning to a parking space tofind a vehicle missing is enough to make yourstomach drop, it’s only the beginning of a muchlarger ordeal. Our research points to two broadissues facing consumers: An alarmingly highnumber of states have no protections spelled outon towing issues. In addition, too many stateshave inadequate protections, or the laws on thebooks are vague and inaccessible to the averageconsumer.

Towing laws aren’t something most of us payattention to until a tow affects us or someonewe know. Maryland PIRG Foundation identified14 common sense towing protections thatshould be available to consumers. Thesequestions address some of the mostfrequently searched towing concerns, rangingfrom who is responsible for damages causedby careless towing, to the maximum rates andfees owed, to whether you are guaranteed theoption to pay by credit card.

Here’s a look at where Maryland stands withits towing protections.