New ComEd rebate can help reduce pollution in your kitchen

ComEd customers can now get a $100 rebate when purchasing an induction cooktop

induction stove
Dennis Schroeder, NREL | Public Domain
October 3, 2017 - Home energy saving devices from the 2017 Solar Decathlon in Denver, CO. Induction stove. (Dennis Schroeder/NREL).

When I opened my ComEd bill this month, one thing stood out: new rebates for induction cooktops.

Decades of research link gas stove pollution to health risks, especially asthma. Here in Illinois, the risks are particularly high – we have higher rates of gas cooking than almost anywhere else in the nation – and 21% of childhood asthma cases can be attributed to gas stove use, compared to the 12.7% national average. 

Switching to induction – electric cooktops that use magnetism to efficiently heat metal cookware – is the best way to eliminate gas stove pollution from your kitchen, specifically nitrogen dioxide (NO2), the pollutant linked to asthma.

Combined with opportunities to save through the Inflation Reduction Act, ComEd’s new rebate will provide helpful savings when purchasing a new induction range.



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