Beyond plastic

Trash talk: How students can tackle fast fashion

7:00 - 8:00pm EDT


Staff | TPIN

Fast fashion companies are making more clothing than we can wear. Clothing overproduction is polluting our water, exacerbating climate change, and wasting precious natural resources. To make matters worse, millions of garments produced every year are never worn before heading to a landfill or incinerator, creating a serious waste problem.

But Gen Z students from across the globe are standing up and “saying no” to fast fashion. We’re inviting students to join PIRG and Student PIRGs to learn about how you can run your own campus campaign to target fashion waste and push the fashion industry to become more sustainable.

After hearing from PIRG’s Waste is Out of Fashion Campaign Associate and leaders from student PIRG chapters, you’ll be equipped with the resources, information, and motivation to be able to run a campaign on your own campus targeting fast fashion.


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