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Toy safety report finds recalled toys still being sold online

Our 37th annual Trouble in Toyland report exposes threats from counterfeit and recalled toys still available online.

Toys are safe, until they are not. While the vast majority of toys on the market are safe thanks to decades of policy and regulatory action, there is still trouble in toyland that parents and caregivers need to be aware of.

Our 37th annual Trouble in Toyland report found 11 different types of recalled toys available for purchase online. Check out our report to learn how you can avoid these recalled toys, from choking hazards to hidden toxics, as well as ways to spot counterfeit toys that may have evaded safety guidelines.

A new Colorado law, HB22-1099, will kick in in January, will require large sellers to disclose more information on who they are, giving law enforcement and regulators more tools to find and stop unsafe, counterfeit toys and other products from reaching Colorado consumers.

Photo by Staff | TPIN


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