CoPIRG, Gov. Polis and advocates celebrate 2nd Colorado E-Bike Day

CoPIRG and Bicycle Colorado hosted Colorado's 2nd official E-Bike Day on the South Platte River bike trail, alongisde e-bike riders, the Colorado Energy Office and state Representative Junie Joseph.

Ted Gowals | Used by permission
CoPIRG Public Health Advocate Alex Simon kicks off Colorado E-Bike Day with Govenor Jared Polis and others, April 1, 2024

CoPIRG and Bicycle Colorado hosted the 2nd official Colorado E-Bike Day along the South Platte River bike trail. Joined by Governor Polis, the Colorado Energy Office, Representative Junie Joseph and more than a dozen e-bike riders, the event celebrated the rise of e-bikes as a fun and healthy transporation option with a low-emission footprint. The state also launched it’s $450 statewide tax credit for electric bikes, the first of its kind in the nation.

“E-bikes are a fun and healthy option for hilly or long distance commutes, dropping kids at school, or trips to the grocery store. And with the new statewide tax credit, transitioning to an electric bike has never been easier or more affordable in Colorado. ” said Alex Simon, Public Health Advocate with CoPIRG. 

Learn more about the state tax credit here:

CoPIRG celebrates CO E-Bike Day (4/1/24)

CoPIRG staff Danny Katz and Alex Simon debrief on hosting Colorado’s 2nd E-Bike Day.

Alexandra Simon

Former Public Health Advocate, CoPIRG Foundation


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