Hellmann’s is taking action to help end food waste

A popular dressing brand is educating consumers to help reduce household food waste.

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Hellmann’s, a popular dressing and sandwich spread brand (perhaps best known for mayonnaise), is taking initiative to battle food waste. This well known brand has partnered with behavioral economics experts from BEworks to build a deeper understanding of consumer actions in the area of household food waste. The company has used the results of this collaboration to create its “Make Taste Not Waste,” which includes an app called Fridge Night that helps consumers use up the food they already have and cultivate good anti-food waste habits through an evidence based, four-week program. Using a recipe finder, participants can search for recipes that use the specific ingredients they have leftover in their fridge to help them use up the ingredients before they go bad. As of writing, Hellmann’s claims that this program has helped users reduce their food waste by over 40%

Seeing big brands such as Hellmann’s take action to battle food waste is encouraging. Some studies estimate that more than half of all food waste is generated in the “consumption” phase of the supply chain, with the largest single category being at-home food waste. That means we all need to take steps to reduce our food waste, and companies can help set us up for success. 

To get involved, you can check out the solutions that Hellmann’s provides to reduce food waste in your home or visit our guide: How to Save Food and Prevent Waste.

Orion Goodemote

Food & Agriculture Intern, PIRG Education Fund

Danielle Melgar

Former Food & Agriculture, Advocate, U.S. PIRG Education Fund


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