Biscuit company partners with UK charity organization, FareShare, to expand awareness around food waste

From building a giant model fridge to creating recipes that specifically use commonly wasted foods, this UK based company is doing its best to help tackle food waste.

Anita Peeples | Public Domain
A slice of brie cheese and crackers. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Jacob’s, a savory biscuit brand based in the UK, has partnered with FareShare, a wide reaching charity organization, to tackle food waste. To kick off their partnership and raise awareness about food waste and opportunities for consumers to make a difference, they created a giant model fridge filled with models of the most commonly wasted food items, from milk and bread to potatoes, bananas and salad. On the day the model was unveiled, Jacob’s also reportedly handed out recipes that highlight how Jacob’s products can be used with some of the most commonly wasted foods to further support consumer action against food waste. 

Looking for more inspiration to help use up your most commonly wasted food items? Check out websites such as FoodHero and FoodWise, or follow some of our top recommended anti-food waste social media accounts to get started!

Orion Goodemote

Food Waste Intern, PIRG Education Fund


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