How consumers can exercise their improved Right to Repair – Consumer Protection Week 2024

Media Contacts
Nathan Proctor

Senior Director, Campaign for the Right to Repair, U.S. PIRG Education Fund

WASHINGTON — For years, consumers have been spending more and more on electronics and appliances, while product lifespans have been shrinking. That’s given rise to the Right to Repair movement, which calls on manufacturers to remove barriers to fixing electronics so we don’t have to keep replacing them. Over the last year, Right to Repair advocates have secured significant gains, and U.S. PIRG is working to help consumers take advantage of these new pro-repair rules. For consumer week, we are highlighting: 

  1. Our latest “Failing the Fix” scorecard, which uses data from a new repairability score program in Europe to help consumers identify which laptop and cell phone brands support repair, and which are failing the fix. 
  2. New York residents have new Right to Repair protections for electronics, and our guide tells you what to expect once similar laws take effect in California and Minnesota in July. 
  3. In addition, Colorado has recently enacted rules protecting farmers wishing to fix their equipment, as well as wheelchair users

The problem of unfixable gadgets is far from resolved, which is why Right to Repair advocates continue to work to expand these rights. Active work includes: 

  1. So far in 2024, there are 24 states with active Right to Repair legislation. Some bills are getting closer to passing: Oregon’s bill just passed the state Senate, New York has legislation to strengthen its existing rules and the West Virginia state Senate passed a Right to Repair for farm equipment bill. 
  2. The Federal Trade Commission wrapped up a public comment period on Right to Repair in February, during which tens of thousands of people called for more action to facilitate repair. The FTC has not issued a public response yet, but has been supporting state Right to Repair efforts. 

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