Bike helmets: 72,000 recalled for safety violations; it’s the 11th helmet recall in last year

Riders could suffer head injuries when helmets don't offer proper protection

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Retrospec's recall of 72,000 Scout kids' bike helmets is the 11th helmet recall in the last year, 10 for bike helmets and one for equestrian helmets.

If you own a helmet for yourself or your child, you should check it. A huge bike helmet recall was announced Thursday, and it’s the 11th helmet recall in the last year – 10 for bike or multi-purpose helmets for children or adults, and one for equestrian helmets.

About 72,000 Scout Retrospec kids’ bike helmets were recalled Jan. 11, 2024, because they don’t comply with federal safety standards and could fail to protect someone if they have a crash, which could lead to a head injury, according to an announcement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Affected are the Retrospec models in extra small and small in a range of colors and designs. Consumers can get a full refund by submitting a photo of the helmet with the straps cut off to the company.

The helmets were sold for $18 to $23 at independent bicycle shops nationwide and online through Retrospec and Amazon from February 2019 through March 2023. 

Last week, 11,000 adult bike helmets from Bell Slope were recalled because the strap anchor can break too easily, which could lead to a head injury if there’s a crash. They were sold at Academy, Fred Meyer, Target and other stores and websites nationwide from January 2023 through April 2023.

The other nine recalls in the last year:

  • Ecnup kids’ bike helmets, 215 recalled Aug. 24, 2023, sold exclusively at Amazon from January 2022 through February 2023.
  • Sound Around kids’ multi-purpose helmets, about 1,800 recalled June 22, 2023, sold online at Amazon, Nordstrom, PyleUSA and Ruelala from September 2020 through March 2023.
  • Bell Sports Giro Merit helmets, about 15,000 recalled June 8, 2023, sold at Epicenter Cycling, Freewheel Bike West Bank, Velotech and other stores nationwide, and online at Giro, Backcountry and other retailers from September 2021 through January 2023. The helmets sold for about $220.
  • Cycle Force adult bike helmets, about 1,750 recalled May 18, 2023, sold at Home Depot, JCPenney, Kohls, Play It Again Sports, and independent sports and bicycle stores nationwide, as well as online at Amazon, InGearOutfitters and Walmart from October 2017 through January 2023. 
  • Lucky Global kids’ helmets, about 30 recalled April 20, 2023, sold exclusively online at Walmart from July 2022 to February 2023,
  • JBM International Electric, about 5,300 recalled March 30, 2023, sold exclusively at Amazon from March 2022 through January 2023.
  • Outer Direct kids’ bike helmets, about 120 recalled March 2, 2023, sold exclusively at Amazon from March 2022 through November 2022.
  • English Riding Supply Ovation Protégé equestrian helmets, about 49,300 recalled Feb. 9, 2023, sold at Tack shops and English equestrian specialty stores nationwide and online at Amazon and Statelinetack from January 2021 through December 2022.
  • Sakar International helmets under Tony Hawk, Credhedz Lizard and Crayola Dry-Erase brands, about 33,100 recalled Jan. 19, 2023, sold at Big Lots, Ollies Bargain Outlet and other stores nationwide and online at Amazon from November 2020 through October 2022.

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