Right To Repair

Right to Repair for consumer electronics one step from Gov’s desk

The Colorado Senate passed the consumer electronics Right to Repair bill. The bill heads back to the House for one final vote before heading to the Governor's desk.

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After passing Right to Repair laws in 2022 and 2023 around powered-wheelchairs and agricultural equipment, the Colorado legislature is one step away from sending a Right to Repair bill for consumer electronics to the Governor’s desk.

The bill would ensure consumers and independent repair shops have the tools, parts, diagnostics and software access needed to fix everything from blenders and laptops to cell phones and clocks – basically any consumer electronic.

The bill has broad support including major tech companies like Google, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, local repair shops, environmental and zero waste advocates and cyber security experts.

The bill needs a concurrence vote in the House before heading to the desk of Governor Polis for his signature.

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