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Colorado commission approves $100 million Xcel investment in electric vehicles

On Dec. 23, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission voted to approve Xcel Energy’s Transportation Electrification Plan, which includes investments of about $102 million over three years to build out electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, provides various incentives to switch to EVs, and will convert fleets of school buses to electric power. In addition to cutting air pollution, moving more transportation from diesel to electric also provides consumer savings in the form of lower electric utility bills.

Since the original plan was proposed in May 2020, CoPIRG has advocated for its approval and worked to ensure its strategies are the right ones to transition more people from gas-powered cars to cleaner EVs.

“This is a great example of how individual consumer actions, combined with market forces and forward-looking public policies, can lead to a transportation system with lower costs, cleaner air, better health and fewer emissions,” wrote CoPIRG Executive Director Danny Katz in an op-ed published in The Colorado Sun. “The time is now to accelerate Colorado toward a zero-emissions future.”

Read Danny’s full op-ed here.

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Photo: Electric vehicles help reduce carbon emissions while also cutting utility costs for consumers — and Xcel Energy’s newly-approved plan to invest in Colorado’s electric transportation will help make those benefits a reality. Credit: Tom Wang via Shutterstock

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