Bill investing in electric school buses, e-bikes, and grants to reduce air pollution moves through state legislature towards Polis’ desk

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DENVER — As Colorado’s air pollution continues to worsen, the house passed Senate Bill 193, Air Quality Improvement Investments today. The bill provides a set of initiatives to combat Colorado’s ongoing air pollution, including $65M for electric school buses, $25M for a clean air grant program to reduce air pollution from industrial and manufacturing operations, and $12M for e-bikes. 

Transportation is the leading source of air pollution in the state. Diesel exhaust has been classified as a likely carcinogen by the EPA, and has been linked to numerous health problems, including lung cancer, asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. 

“Colorado is a state that prides itself on a healthy, outdoor lifestyle.  This bill makes critical investments in electric transportation that will benefit our air quality, climate, and health of our children,” said CoPIRG advocate Alexandra Simon. “Accelerating the transition to electric school buses not only provides children with a cleaner, safer, healthier ride to school but can also be an important piece of Colorado’s strategy to mitigate air pollution from the transportation sector.”   

This is one of two major air quality transportation bills introduced in the state legislature this year, alongside SB22-180 which increases funding for public transportation. The bill will go back to the Senate for concurrence before moving to the Governor’s desk.