Colorado failed again to meet air quality standards. #CleanAirColorado is here to help.

After Colorado once again failed to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s deadline to reduce ozone pollution in, CoPIRG launched the #CleanAirColorado campaign to tackle the state’s dirty air problem.

At the Aug. 18 launch event for the campaign, CoPIRG called on local, state and federal officials to work collaboratively on expanding clean transit options to combat the emissions from gas and diesel-powered vehicles. Since transportation is one of the region’s largest sources of ozone pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, there has never been greater urgency for action on the issue.

“The gravity of our air pollution problem requires a significant increase in the clean travel options people have soon,” said Danny Katz, CoPIRG state director.

“We need all levels of government to collaboratively weave together a set of strategies that fuel each other. No one entity or policy will solve this problem. We need unprecedented collaboration and focus to clean up our air,” said Danny.

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Tell Governor Polis we need bold action on ozone pollution

Tell Governor Polis we need bold action on ozone pollution

We need Governor Polis to lead an effort to adopt strong policies reducing pollution from leading ozone contributors like our transportation system, the oil and gas sector and other polluting industries.

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Photo: Coloradans advocate for greener transportation options to curb Colorado’s dirty air problem. Credit: Staff

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