Electric vehicles

We have all the tools to build an electric vehicle future — we just have to use them.

Whether you own an electric car, or you’re figuring out if an EV is right for you, or you just think electric cars are cool — we can all get excited about the benefits of putting more EVs on the road. Cleaner cars mean cleaner air, healthier communities and a safer climate.

And why wait, when electric vehicles are ready to roll across the country, and we’re closer than ever to a future where our kids ride electric buses to school, our mail and packages arrive on electric trucks, and most new cars sold get plugged in at night? Together, we can accelerate the transition to an electric vehicle future.

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Global electric car sales doubled from 2020 to 2021.

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One of the primary barriers to putting even more EVs on the road is lack of access to public charging stations — which is why we're urging governors across the country to invest in charging infrastructure.

Take action with us.

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Back to school on an electric bus

Electric vehicles

Back to school on an electric bus

Just a few years ago, electric school buses were practically unheard of. Today, more than five million students across America attend school in a district with electric buses on the road - and that number is growing fast.

New Biden clean cars proposal will spur electric vehicle adoption, slash pollution

Electric vehicles

New Biden clean cars proposal will spur electric vehicle adoption, slash pollution

The Biden administration proposed Wednesday some of the most ambitious vehicle pollution limits in the world, following similar actions by many U.S. states. The pending rule from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is designed to ensure that all-electric cars make up as many as 2 out of every 3 new passenger vehicles sold in the United States by 2032.

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