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Let voters decide their transportation future

Valley Metro | Used by permission

Local elected leaders, working with local residents, are well-suited to propose transportation options they think will work best for their communities and then leave it to the voters to decide. However, Maricopa County – the only county in Arizona that needs legislative approval and the governor’s signature to call an election – is awaiting legislative action.

After 500 meetings and feedback from more than 10,000 residents, Mayors and other elected leaders from 32 cities, towns, counties, and tribes in Maricopa County, representing more than four million voters, unanimously agreed on a multi-modal transportation plan.

The plan includes transit, roads, and freeways, not only providing transportation options but also freedom of mobility. Without it, the region will see an exponential increase in gridlock, pollution and lost economic opportunity. And what happens (or doesn’t) in Maricopa County can have statewide impact. Tell state leaders: Let voters decide their transportation future.


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