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Few things are more important than keeping kids safe and healthy. Working together, we can protect them from hidden dangers, toxic threats and unsafe products and practices.

We all work hard to make sure the young ones in our lives and communities can grow up happy and healthy. In many ways the world is safer than it has ever been for kids — but there are still way too many avoidable risks and hidden dangers that kids face every day. Together, we can better alert parents and communities about threats to kids’ health; we can ensure everyone has access to resources that will help them keep their families safe; and we can work together around commonsense solutions.

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Medical experts estimate that more than 24 million American kids are at risk of losing IQ points due to lead exposure.

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With research indicating that most states are failing to protect children from lead in schools’ drinking water, we need policies that are strong enough to “get the lead out” at schools and preschools.

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Arizona Corporation Commission Says No (Again) to SRP

Clean air

Arizona Corporation Commission Says No (Again) to SRP

Consumer, public health, community, business, environmental, clean energy, and faith-based entities along with residents of Randolph and SRP ratepayers applauded the Commission for once again rejecting Salt River Project’s proposal to add 16 gas units at a cost of nearly $1 billion in ratepayer money.

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