Which bills are advancing in the California Legislature?

Bee-killing pesticides, lead in drinking water, toxic consumer products, and food waste are among problems targeted by lawmakers.

The month of March saw several CALPIRG-backed bills move closer to passage in the California Legislature — each one an opportunity to make a real difference for the health and safety of our families and communities. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides. Without bees, many of the foods we love could disappear. That’s why we’re urging lawmakers to ban the worst uses of one of the top contributors to bee die-offs: bee-killing “neonic” pesticides.
  • Make It Toxic-Free. We shouldn’t have to worry that a cosmetic product we use could contain chemicals that are toxic to our health. CALPIRG is backing legislation to get dangerous substances out of cosmetics.
  • Zero Out Food Waste. Right now, far too much food is thrown out unnecessarily because of confusion around the many different types of food date labels that are out there. A CALPIRG-backed bill would require uniform “best by” labeling on food statewide — a commonsense step toward curbing our country’s massive food waste problem.
  • Get the Lead Out. Improving and updating our tools for testing school drinking water for lead will help more communities and school districts identify where kids are being exposed and take action to stop it.

“Passing these bills would mean safer water for our kids to drink, fewer toxic chemicals threatening our health and the health of our environment, and less senseless food waste.” said CALPIRG State Director Jenn Engstrom. “But that can only happen if we combine advocacy from our staff in Sacramento with grassroots action across the state.”


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