Colorado’s Right to Repair Bill passes full house

Colorado continues it's leadership on Right to Repair, as a new bill to help fix consumer and business electronics advances

CBS CO | Public Domain
CBS News Colorado covers the Right to Repair hearing in Colorado, where CoPIRG’s Danny Katz (at mic), chief sponsor of the Right to Repair legislation Rep. Brianna Titone (right), Wayne Seltzer of Boulder’s UFixit Clinic all testified for the measure.

On March 12, Right to Repair legislation in Colorado was passed by the Colorado House of Representatives with a vote of 39-18. This brings Coloradans one step closer to being able to fix their personal electronic devices and business electronics. 

Right to Repair reforms are designed to remove barriers to repair. Things used to be made to be fixed. But more and more, companies block access to what we need to fix products including smartphones, appliances and more – and instead push us to buy new. The result is wasted money and scrapped devices going to an ever-growing junkyard of e-waste.

House Bill 1121 would require manufacturers to provide Coloradan consumers and small businesses with parts, tools, and service materials required to repair everyday household electronics like laptops and smartphones, appliances, and business electronics and IT systems. This will let us keep our products in use for longer and give consumers more choices when devices break down, and builds off of previous legislative victories on wheelchair and tractor repair.

The bill now heads to the Senate.


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