Statement: 3M to stop making, using PFAS

Media Contacts
Matt Casale

Former Director, Environment Campaigns, PIRG

John Rumpler

Clean Water Director and Senior Attorney, Environment America

BOSTON – The major multinational manufacturer 3M announced on Tuesday that it would ​​exit per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) manufacturing and work to discontinue the use of PFAS across its product portfolio by the end of 2025. 3M produces more than 60,000 products under several major brands, including Post-It notes and Scotch tape. 

PFAS are a class of more than 9,000 toxic chemicals that are used to make a wide variety of products water- and grease-resistant. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to these chemicals, even in small amounts over time, has been linked to serious health effects including cancer, reduced vaccine response and childhood developmental delays.

In response, Matt Casale, Environment Campaigns Director for PIRG said:

“No one should have to worry about being exposed to toxic PFAS when doing something as simple as taping the wrapping paper on a Christmas or Hanukkah present, or writing a holiday shopping reminder on a Post-It note. These chemicals belong nowhere near our bodies, or in places where they can contaminate our water or environment, let alone in the products we use on a daily basis.

“That’s why 3M’s announcement today is so welcome. As a major manufacturer and producer of products we use all the time, 3M’s commitment represents an important step in protecting consumers from the toxics lurking in our everyday lives. We encourage 3M to move as fast as possible to implement its commitment and hope to see more companies follow its lead.” 

John Rumpler, Senior Clean Water Director for Environment America said:

“3M’s decision to stop making and using forever chemicals is great news for clean water — from our rivers and streams to the water we draw from our kitchen sinks. Persistent and toxic, PFAS have contaminated drinking water sources across the country. 3M’s decision reflects the scientific evidence on the harm of these chemicals, as well as the courageous efforts of community groups, attorneys general and advocates to hold polluters accountable. For the sake of our health and our environment, we hope 3M will phase out PFAS production before 2025 and that other companies will follow suit.”