Right to repair

URGENT: Keep Right to Repair rolling

U.S. PIRG's Nathan Proctor speaks at a press conference.
Leise Jones Photography | TPIN
U.S. PIRG's Nathan Proctor speaks at a press conference about Massachusetts' Right to Repair law, joined by MASSPIRG's Janet Domenitz and U.S. PIRG's Kevin O'Reilly.

My name is Nathan Proctor, and I’m the Senior Right to Repair campaign director for PIRG. We’ve been one of the leading advocates for Right to Repair in recent years, along with iFixit, Repair.org, Repair Preservation Group and others. This last year, we helped several states pass bills which protect consumer device and tractor repair, but manufacturers are digging in to project their proprietary repair rackets.

This next year will be critical. We want to lock in our gains with strong new laws. We want to stop Apple and other companies from using parts-pairing to restrict repair. We are working to support biomeds and professional medical device repair technicians. And right now, frankly, I don’t have the resources I need to run this campaign. We have momentum now, but to take advantage of that, I need the funding to staff our campaign across the country.


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