Healthy Air

Everyone deserves clean air to breathe. That means tackling harmful pollution that, in this day and age, we just shouldn’t tolerate.

Smokestacks releasing pollution
Joseph Sohm |

Maybe you’ve gotten one of those alarming messages on your phone that says the air quality in your area isn’t safe. Or someone you know and love has asthma. Or you’ve looked at a traffic jam of gas-powered cars, each belching exhaust into the air, and thought “there must be a better way.”

Whatever our individual experiences, it’s clear that dirty, polluted air affects us all — and that we must work together to eliminate the sources of this pollution if we hope to leave a cleaner, healthier future for our kids and grandkids.

Fortunately, the solutions are all around us. We can keep the air cleaner by switching from fossil-fuel-powered cars and buses to electric vehicles. We can stop millions of tons of emissions from being released into the atmosphere by ending our economy’s reliance on fossil fuels. We can stop buying and installing appliances that run on polluting methane gas. We can — we must — take advantage of the incredible technology at our fingertips and start powering our lives in ways that don’t threaten our health.

What You Can Do

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