Democracy & government

PIRG staff at rally for democracy
Jonathan Comer

We believe in a democracy in which everyone participates and everyone’s voice is heard. From choosing who represents us in office, to how our government makes decisions on our behalf.

PIRG is working to reduce the influence of big money by encouraging the active participation of small donors in our elections. Our advocates are working to make registering to vote easy, accurate and as close to automatic as we can get it. And our staff are in the Capitol, state houses and city halls to ensure citizens have a say in what issues get prioritized and what policies get decided.


Voting & elections

We all need to do more to ensure that, when it comes to our elections, everyone participates and everyone's voice is heard. Only then can we create a democracy that’s more fully of, by and for the people.

Tax & budget

Together we can make sure tax and budget decisions reflect our shared priorities and balance competing values.