Right to repair

Tell Apple: Airpods shouldn’t be designed to die

iFixit | Used by permission

Apple CEO Tim Cook,

In less than two years, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery found in your AirPods is due to die an untimely death. Once their battery dies, AirPods can’t be repaired. So what is there to do?

Buy another pair of AirPods. And then buy another: Buy, die, repeat.

AirPods are designed to fail. And with over 400 million sold, they’re generating a tidal wave of electronic waste.

I urge you to redesign AirPods with replaceable batteries and to commit to release only repairable products in the future.

By offering products that are designed to last, Apple has an opportunity to use its resources and popularity to shift the tech industry toward more sustainable products, which will stay in our ears, in our hands and on our desks — not in our trash.


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