Health Exchange Clears Oregon Legislature


Salem, OR – Consumers might see decent affordable coverage on the horizon, now that Oregon lawmakers have given the green light for the new Health Insurance Exchange.

“This is good news for consumers,” said Laura Etherton, OSPIRG health insurance advocate, “But our work has only begun – the devil will be in the details.”

Passage of the exchange law marks the beginning of the next phase in setting up Oregon’s new health insurance marketplace, a phase that consumers and small businesses will be watching closely.

“Done right, the exchange will be a competitive marketplace,” said Etherton, “It should leverage the buying power of consumers and small businesses to drive lower costs and better quality.”

In the coming months, the staff and board of the Health Insurance Exchange will flesh out the details of how the exchange will look. Details include what standards insurance plans must meet on quality and pricing, what tools consumers will have to compare plans apples-to-apples on the exchange website, and how the exchange enrollment process will intersect with the Oregon Health Plan.

“At each step of the way, we encourage the public to weigh in on the details,” said Etherton, “This is Oregon’s exchange – it belongs to all of us.”