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North Carolina Farmers Agree: Right to Repair is what’s best in show

Last week, our advocates visited the Southern Farm Show to talk to farmers about Right to Repair, here's what we found.

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Last week, the annual Southern Farm Show made its way to the NC State Fairgrounds giving dealers and manufacturers the opportunity to show off the latest and greatest agricultural equipment and technology. But we wanted to know, is all this new, high-tech equipment without repairability, worth the hype? So, we spent the day asking farmers.

Over the course of the day we surveyed 16 farmers and found:

  • Every single farmer we spoke to supported Right to Repair,
  • A majority of farmers also did not believe that manufacturers currently provide them with the necessary tools for all their repairs,
  • And over 90% of them believed that they could save money with better access to independent repair.

These conversations closely mirror results from U.S.PIRG & National Farmers Union’s national survey of farmers on Right to Repair and demonstrate that there is broad support for Right to Repair among our state’s farmers as well.  It’s clear that farmers want reasonable access to the parts and tools to make the repairs they need to keep their equipment running and keep putting food on our tables. It’s time for our state legislators to enact policies that give farmers the repair choice they deserve.

Katie Craig

State Director, NCPIRG Education Fund

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