Get Off Fossil Fuels

We can power our lives in ways that don’t pollute our communities and threaten our planet. That means ending our reliance on fossil fuels.

The American Wanderer |

For the sake of our air, our water and the future of our climate, we should be doing everything we can to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and clean up the largest sources of carbon pollution.

But that can’t happen without bold action to transition off dirty fossil fuels. Fortunately, there are commonsense solutions all around us — concrete steps we can take right now to repower our lives in ways that don’t threaten our health and the health of our planet.

Together, we’re working to eliminate the harmful subsidies that prop up fossil fuel projects and delay our transition to clean energy; we’re building support for local and state level policies to enforce strong, science-based emissions reductions; and we’re using the power of shareholder action and consumer education to convince major corporations to move away from fossil fuels in their products and their investments.