Were you charged a ‘facility fee’ on your medical bill?

Your story could help us prevent providers from charging unjustified fees to medical bills.

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Maribeth Guarino

Former High Value Health Care, Advocate, U.S. PIRG Education Fund

Tell us your facility fee story.

If you’ve looked at your medical bills and seen new fees added on to visits from your GP or other doctor, you may have been charged a facility fee. As hospitals buy up doctors offices and imaging centers, more entities are charging extra hospital-type fees under the new management. Facility fees are fees that are supposed to support the added cost of hospitals (like running an ICU, or having more bedside nurses). But regular doctor offices and imaging centers don’t have those added costs, so charging patients a facility fee is unjustified.

Facility fees range from $15 to thousands of dollars, typically for lower-cost outpatient services. Patients don’t usually know about them until after they get the medical bill. Insurance generally doesn’t cover facility fees when care is provided outside of a hospital. That means patients are stuck owing these unfair charges.

We’re working to find solutions and prevent these unjustified fees from hurting patients and raising the price of health care. As part of that campaign, we’re collecting stories from people like you who might have gotten an unexpected fee on your bill.

Share your story about a facility fee you received.

These personal experiences help decision makers understand exactly how this issue impacts their communities. Please use the link above to share your story with us.


Maribeth Guarino

Former High Value Health Care, Advocate, U.S. PIRG Education Fund