Statement: Governor Murphy signs new appliance efficiency standards into law

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Josh Chetwynd

Environmental and consumer advocates praise win for our health and planet



TRENTON –  Gov. Phil Murphy signed new appliance efficiency standards into law today, which will lower energy waste in New Jersey. This is the first time in more than 15 years that appliance standards have been passed in the state. With this law, energy- and water-saving measures will be set for 17 common household and commercial appliances – from residential air purifiers and showerheads to commercial steam cookers and ovens.

These appliance standards will generate huge benefits for New Jersey consumers and the planet. By 2026, the law will annually save enough energy to power 32,000 homes and enough water to provide for 77,000 families, while reducing enough annual greenhouse gas emissions to equal taking 72,000 cars off the road. The standards could also save consumers a total of $132 million a year. These numbers will continue going up as more people adopt efficient appliances. 

In response, advocates from Environment New Jersey and NJPIRG issued the following statements:

“It’s exciting to see New Jersey embrace this simple yet significant policy to reduce energy waste and protect our local environment,” said Doug O’Malley, state director of Environment New Jersey. “Appliance standards are truly a no-brainer. Ensuring that our devices use energy more efficiently means cleaner air and cleaner water while lowering energy bills.”

“Efficiency standards conserve water and energy, save consumers money on utility bills and prevent unnecessary pollution,” said Rachel Vresilovic, associate for NJPIRG. “Common appliances like lamps and fans shouldn’t needlessly waste energy, and this new law will make sure they don’t. Given the energy challenges we face, these efficiency standards just make sense. We applaud Governor Murphy for standing with the public and the planet by supporting appliance efficiency standards in New Jersey.”