Building a Better Health Care Marketplace

Our work on health care

For years, Americans have paid more and more but got less and less when it comes to health care. That’s because America’s health care system is structured for the benefit of drug industry, insurance company, and medical specialty profits, not for consumers and patients. NJPIRG Law & Policy Center’s health care program investigates these health care challenges and examines solutions through reports, webinars, and other public education activities. 

Working with our national federation, U.S. PIRG Education Funds’ Building a Better Health Care Marketplace project has launched a series of policy briefs intended to guide the creation of strong, pro-consumer health insurance marketplaces or exchanges. The creation of these exchanges offers states an opportunity to improve health care and lower costs.
Policy Briefs: 

Brief #1: Ensuring Accountability (PDF)

Brief #2: Negotiating for a Better Deal (PDF)

Brief #3: Spotlight on Small Business (PDF)

Brief #4: Ensuring Exchange Stability and Protecting Against Adverse Selection (PDF)

Brief #5: Driving Quality and Cost Improvements through the Exchange (PDF)

Brief #6: The Exchange and Public Programs (PDF)

Brief #7: Designing a Consumer Friendly Exchange (PDF)


Earlier this year, our national federation, U.S. PIRG Education Fund, in partnership with Small Business Majority, conducted a series of webinars that informed more than 600 small business owners about what the new health care law will mean for their business. NJPIRG Law & Policy Center also released a Young Person’s Guide to Health Insurance, designed to help college graduates makes sense of their health insurance choices, including their new right to purchase coverage on through their parents’ health insurance plan until age 26.

In 2010, NJPIRG Law & Policy Center released its comprehensive report on the options for state-level implementation of the Affordable Care Act: Delivering on The Promise: A State Guide to the Next Steps for Health Care Reform.


NJPIRG Law & Policy Center and U.S. PIRG Education Fund Host Small Business Webinar

2010’s federal health care law includes new tax credits and other measures for small business owners to lower their health care costs and improve their bottom line. Small business owners need to know the facts about the law and its impact on small businesses, so NJPIRG Law & Policy Center, with our national federation U.S. PIRG Education Fund, hosted a webinar entitled Your Bottom Line: What Health Reform Means for Your Small Business.


To view the webinar presentation in pdf format, click here.


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