Protecting kids from toxic chemicals

MASSPIRG urges state lawmakers to reduce exposure of toxics on kids.

youth soccer, field
Alexander Fox | PlaNet Fox from Pixabay |

There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market in the United States, used in everything from perfumes, clothing, toys, household cleaners to fertilizers and industrial solvents. Yet most of them go directly into use without testing their impact on our health, or the long-term consequences for the environment.

Children are especially susceptible to adverse health impacts of toxics and we should be doing everything we can to minimize exposure of toxics on kids.

MASSPIRG urged state lawmakers to pass the The An Act for relative to toxic free kids, H318 & S175, which requires businesses that make or sell children’s products in Massachusetts to disclose toxic chemicals in those products. It also bans PFAS in children’s products and establishes a process for requiring the removal of additional harmful toxic chemicals from children’s products.


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