Right To Repair

MASSPIRG urges law makers to pass ‘right to repair’ bill

MA legislative committee considers right to repair bill.

Janet Domenitz at State House Right to Repair
Leise Jones | TPIN

MASSPIRG’s Janet Domenitz testified before the state legislature’s Joint Committee on Consumer Protection in support of An Act Relative to the Digital Right to Repair, H360 & S142 filed by Representative Adrian Madaro and Senator Michael Brady.

“Massachusetts gets rid of more than 8,000 cell phones every day. We should keep our electronics working and off the scrap heap, but the companies that make today’s electronics, from phones to appliances to modern tractors, actively block access to the information we need to fix them. That means more cost for consumers and more toxic electronic waste.

This bill gives consumers and independent repair businesses access to the parts, tools, technical manuals, diagnostic software and firmware needed to keep electronics working. “

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