An Important Event: How to Develop a Civic Personality, with Ralph Nader

Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader will host an online event to raise money for the Thinkwell Institute, in memory of Ralph’s grand niece, a public health activist, who was killed in the 2019 Boeing plane crash.

Thinkwell Institute | Used by permission

On March 10, 2019, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The 24 year-old daughter of CalPIRG alum Nadia Milleron, named Samya Rose Stumo, was among the 157 people killed. This followed a similar crash a few months earlier of another 737 MAX 8 in Indonesia that killed 189 passengers.

While many families (led by Samya’s father, Michael Stumo, and Samya’s great uncle, Ralph Nader) have led a dogged campaign to hold Boeing accountable for their alleged negligence, other efforts were launched to honor Samya’s memory. At only 24, she had started an important career. Samya was hired as an analyst by the ThinkWell Institute to join a team working to increase access to affordable healthcare in six countries across Africa and Asia. Samya was passionate about revolutionizing global health. She cared most about treating all people and patients as human beings, particularly in the context of their culture, family, and individuality.

In Samya’s honor, a fellowship has been established at ThinkWell. The fellowship seeks to identify and nurture young women from across the globe to co-create transformative global health projects with ThinkWell.

On Thursday Dec 1, at 8pm ET, Ralph Nader is hosting an online event/fundraiser, “How to Develop a Civic Personality.” 

We hope you will support this fellowship, and join us to hear Ralph and others share thoughts on how to be an effective citizen. Please register here.


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