Supporters call for Updated Bottle bill to get over the ‘finish line’

Boston, MA: Supporters from MASSPIRG, Environment Massachusetts, and the Public Interest Network gathered at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Copley Square today to call for getting the Updated Bottle Bill (H3690/S2104) over the finish line this legislative session. The session is scheduled to end in just over three months.

The Updated Bottle Bill, H3690/S2104, would expand the types of containers covered by the deposit law to include water bottles, sports drinks, juices and other beverages; and raise the deposit from a nickel to a dime. The bill has not been updated since it went into effect in 1983, more than 40 years ago.  Proponents project more than 1 billion additional containers would be recycled if the update passes.

bottle bill press conference - finish line

Supporters called for getting the Updated Bottle Bill over the finish line before the end of the legislative session in July. Second from right: Janet Domenitz, Executive Director, MASSPIRG. To the left of the ‘bottle”: Michael Scarlett, of Cambridge, a Boston Marathon ’23 runner who finished in 2:31:40Photo by TPIN staff | TPIN