Statement: Right to Repair bill will reduce electronic waste, help consumers

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The Massachusetts legislature’s Consumer Protection Licensure Committee issued a favorable report on Tuesday to the digital Right to Repair bill (H341/S166), moving the bill forward.

In response, MASSPIRG State Director Janet Domenitz issued the following statement:

“We are grateful to the chairs of the Consumer Protection Licensure Committee, Rep. Tackey Chan and Sen. Susan Moran, and all the committee members, for giving a favorable report to the digital Right to Repair bill, H341/S166. This bill is good for consumers, extending the right to repair from just cars to all our digital products such as appliances and smartphones. 

This bill is good for the environment, as it will reduce electronic waste and allow consumers to use their products for longer. It’s also good for all the small businesses that are being crushed by the large manufacturers’ insistence on monopolizing repair. We look forward to working with the Legislature to make Right to Repair, a hugely popular and common sense bill, the law in Massachusetts.”

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