Statement: New Jersey just took a massive step on clean transportation, Massachusetts should be next

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Matt Casale

Former Director, Environment Campaigns, PIRG

New Jersey will tackle transportation emissions with an ambitious electric vehicle plan, similar policies have yet to be adopted in Massachusetts


BOSTON — While transportation is the nation’s number one source of global warming emissions and a major contributor to air pollution that makes people sick, New Jersey took a major step today toward addressing these problems. That state’s governor signed a landmark electric vehicle bill into law on Friday, which will make it easier for residents of New Jersey to buy an electric vehicle (EV) by providing a largest-in-the-nation rebate of up to $5,000. It also creates a statewide high-speed charging network, making driving an EV more convenient. Beyond cars, the law also requires NJ Transit to only purchasing electric buses by 2032, which offers a clean, carbon-free alternative to driving.

This groundbreaking law comes at a time when EV legislation remains pending at the Massachusetts State House. This legislation includes bills that would require the phased transition to all electric buses and state owned vehicles in Massachusetts as well as legislation that would significantly accelerate the adoption of personal electric vehicles in the state. 

Matt Casale, MASSPIRG Transportation Campaign director, issued the following statement:

“New Jersey just put policymakers in Massachusett on notice: If we want to be a leader on clean transportation, we need to take bold action now. Getting around the Commonwealth shouldn’t include a daily dose of toxic pollution. And if we are going to have any chance at stopping the worst effects of climate change, we have to make big moves to transition away from the use of fossil-fuels in our vehicles. 

“We can do it. We can not only reduce but also virtually eliminate transportation pollution. We have the technology and policy know-how. New Jersey’s new law provides us with a roadmap to a cleaner and healthier future for Massachusetts. There’s no more time to hesitate, we should follow New Jersey’s lead and take bold action today.”


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