Statement: Massachusetts could be taking a big step toward all electric buses

Media Contacts
Matt Casale

Former Director, Environment Campaigns, PIRG

Electric buses reduce climate emissions and promote cleaner air


BOSTON — Today, nearly all of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) buses run on fossil-fuels, contributing to global warming and health-harming air pollution. That could soon change: the Mass. State Senate is considering a bill requiring that the MBTA purchase only electric buses starting in 2030 and that all MBTA buses be electric by 2040. By converting all of its buses to electric, the MBTA will avoid over 55,000 short tons of greenhouse gases every year, the equivalent of taking more than 10,600 cars off the road. 

The bill also permanently authorizes the commonwealth’s electric vehicle tax credit to promote more electric vehicle adoption, but it does not require the electrification of school buses or other public buses, including the Regional Transit Authorities. 

Matt Casale, MASSPIRG Transportation Campaign director, issued the following statement:

“In Mass., transportation is climate and air pollution enemy number one. Electrifying our bus fleets will go a long way towards getting our state to a zero-emissions transportation system. While electrifying the MBTA’s fleet is a good first step, there is a lot more to do to transform our transportation system. For too long, our communities have been subjected to toxic pollution from cars, trucks and buses that run on fossil-fuels. The sooner that all Mass. residents can reap the benefits of electric buses, the better it will be for our kids, our communities and our planet.”


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