Statement: AG Campbell to crack down on unfair junk fees

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BOSTON– Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell announced Thursday proposed new consumer protection regulations to prohibit hidden “junk fees,” which companies use to deceptively hike prices on consumers above advertised prices. The proposed regulations would require businesses to clearly disclose the total price of a product or service up front to consumers, provide clear and accessible information on whether fees are optional or required, and simplify the process for canceling trial offers and recurring charges, amongst other rules.   

The AG’s Office will hold a public hearing and comment session on the proposed regulations on December 20. The AG also welcomed comments from the public on Junk Fees and they can be sent to [email protected]

 In response, Deirdre Cummings, MASSPIRG Legislative Director said: 

“We applaud this effort to stop businesses from padding their profits with ‘gotcha fees’. From buying concert tickets to reserving hotel rooms, this sneaky practice has gone on way too long. Hidden fees hurt consumers and companies that are transparent. 

“Other ways companies slip in junk fees include giving a fee a fancy name that isn’t accurate, portraying a fee as mandatory when it’s optional, or burying a fee in lengthy terms and conditions.

“Junk fees cost us tens of billions of dollars and countless hours as we wander through fine print, compare prices and root out mystery charges. We are thankful AG Campbell is standing up for consumers and taking on this important issue.”