RELEASE: Guide helps you shop used electronics, have greener holiday

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MASSPIRG Education Fund releases annual guide to repaired and refurbished electronics

BOSTON — MASSPIRG Education Fund’s updated Fixed for the Holidays shopping guide helps consumers shop for used items with confidence. The guide is packed with tips on the best deals, which products to avoid, and where to shop. By purchasing repaired or refurbished products consumers can save money on Black Friday and also help the environment. Buying refurbished/repaired can reduce the environmental impact of a purchase by as much as 91%.This year’s guide urges consumers to avoid products that aren’t designed to last, such as Apple Airpods that have glued-in disposable batteries. We also highlight how longer-lasting refurbished Google Chromebooks have become an even better deal.

“Not only can you save 20% or more by shopping refurbished, buying used is better for the environment and cuts waste,” said Janet Domenitz, Executive Director of MASSPIRG Education Fund. “It’s a win-win for the person getting the electronics and the planet.”

Additional tips in our updated guide include: 

  • What makes a good refurbished gift.
  • The risks you might encounter in buying used products.
  • How to know if you are getting a good price. 
  • How to get your money back if there are issues. 

In further efforts to inform consumers and reduce e-waste, MASSPIRG has launched the Designed to Last campaign to make repair scores available to shoppers before they make a purchase. The scores assess how fixable a device is, providing a 1 through 10 rating on availability of spare parts, ease of disassembly, and longevity of software support.  These scores are already provided in other countries by retailers like Amazon. MASSPIRG is collecting signatures from American consumers demanding Amazon make them available here.

“Shopping for the holidays doesn’t have to hurt our wallet and the environment,” added Domenitz. “We can buy refurbished gifts, designed to last.”