Press Statement on Right to Repair

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Photo Credit: Liam Louis, Elle Vignette Photography

With less than 100 hours left until the conclusion of the 2021-2022 legislative session on Beacon Hill,  advocates are calling on the conference committee for the pending Economic Development bill to adopt the Senate’s amendment giving consumers the right to repair. The Portable Wireless Device Repair Act, SECTION 108C, Chapter 93M was added last week in the Senate version of the Economic Development bill, though it was not included in the House version. The conference committee, composed of Senator Michael Rodrigues, Senator Eric Lesser, Senator Patrick O’Connor, Rep. Aaron Michelwitz, Rep. Michael Soter, and Rep. Mark Cusack will make the decision as to whether it’s included in the final bill.

Janet Domenitz, MASSPIRG: When it is passed, the Portable Wireless Device Repair Act will mark progress in three categories: it will reduce electronic waste which is good for the environment; it will give consumers more choices when repairing devices like smart phones and tablets, which will  save them money; and it will give small business owners a fair shot to compete against giant corporations in the market for electronics repair and service. We are hopeful that the conference committee will include this provision, and that the Legislature will get it over the finish line.

Nathan Proctor, USPIRG: In polls, surveys, and through the ballot question on automotive right to repair, we have seen time and again that Right to Repair is popular Thrifty and resourceful, Bay Staters do not like being forced by electronics monopolies to pay exorbitant prices for simple repairs, or to be shut out of repairs and forced to upgrade a device that could easily have years of useful life left in it.  

Gay Gordon-Byrne,  Massachusetts stands on the brink of being a national leader for right to repair. We hope lawmakers will seize this opportunity, especially in this time of rising prices and inflation, as consumers could use this relief. 

Paul Roberts, Secure Repairs ( This bill represents an important compromise between state lawmakers and repair advocates.Creating more affordable options to extend the useful life of critical devices like smartphones is exactly what Massachusetts consumers and families need in this time of rising inflation and economic uncertainty. For too long we have turned a blind eye as big manufacturers  monopolized the tools and information we need to repair our electronic devices. The Massachusetts Legislature is in a position to remedy that and tip the balance of power back toward consumers and small businesses. I urge them to do so.

The Legislature is scheduled to adjourn by midnight on Sunday, July 31.