MASSPIRG’s Executive Director Janet Domenitz’s Statement on bills to restrict the use of polystyrene heard today, before the Joint Committee on Public Health:

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“The bills that call for the banning most single-use food service containers made of polystyrene—Senate bill S.1205 (Michael Barrett) and House bill H.3502 (Marjorie Decker) are important for our health, our children, the environment, and the sustainability of our planet. Polystyrene (what many people know as Styrofoam) is not actually ‘disposable.’ When we are done with these containers, they either litter the land and our waterways, get buried and then leach into groundwater in landfills, or emit toxins when incinerated. Don’t think of  this ban as saying ‘no’, think of it as saying yes to a future where we get back to the first word in the 3 R’s mantra we all know: Reduce. “

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