Legislature Passes Bill to Save the Drivers’ Appeals Board

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Boston—With unanimous votes in both the House and the Senate, the legislature passed the bill to preserve the auto insurance appeals board. The appeals board allows drivers to appeal “at-fault” determinations by their insurer company which can often result in significant increases in auto insurance premiums.
The legislature took swift action after the state’s insurance commissioner, Nonnie Burnes, announced she would eliminate the important consumer protection. While Burnes had reversed her decision last month, the bill, if signed by the Governor, would codify the board into law, making it harder to eliminate.

The auto insurance board of appeals hears complaints by drivers who feel that their insurance company has erroneously determined them to be “at fault” in an accident. Over the last year, the board has sided with drivers about half the time, saving them thousands of dollars in premium increases that result from having and accident.