Consumer Group Praises New Pick For Consumer Affairs Chief

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Governor Deval Patrick has put the “consumer” back into Consumer Affairs with his appointment of Barbara Anthony as the new Undersecretary for Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation.
Anthony has a 30 year proven track record of standing up for and protecting consumers from deceptive advertising, unscrupulous business practices, and unsafe products.

This is an especially important appointment given the current financial challenges facing consumers in our state. Many voices represent business interests in state government, but now more than ever we need the voice of the consumer to rise above that din. A strong advocate like Anthony will fill the big shoes we need so the little guy doesn’t get stepped on.

A strong leader can shape the Office of Consumer Affairs into an effective advocate for consumers in legislative matters, can monitor the marketplace through surveys and investigations to ensure a level playing field for honest businesses, can ensure fair treatment for consumers, can educate the public about its rights in financial transactions, and can manage the agencies that report to it with a renewed consumer focus.