New data: Maryland receives “making progress” marks for COVID-19 containment measures as last week

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Emily Scarr

State Director, Maryland PIRG; Director, Stop Toxic PFAS Campaign, PIRG

Emily Scarr

State Director, Maryland PIRG; Director, Stop Toxic PFAS Campaign, PIRG

Maryland PIRG releases weekly fact sheet based on coronavirus watchdog metics

Maryland PIRG

Baltimore — With the number of COVID-19 cases continuing to rise nationally,  Maryland PIRG released a new fact sheet today, showing Maryland is “making progress” when it comes to meeting COVID-19 containment criteria. This is the second week Maryland PIRG has reported on in-state coronavirus efforts. Last week, Maryland received a “trending better” grade

As a result, Maryland PIRG is calling on Maryland to maintain all current restrictions, and consider implementing additional containment measures if COVID-19 cases begin to rise again. 

“From week-to-week, the clear message from public health experts has remained the same: Take this pandemic very seriously or suffer dire consequences,” said Maryland PIRG Director Emily Scarr “Maryland continues to meet most CDC benchmarks, thanks to approaching this virus with the utmost of caution and, in doing so, focusing on the health and welfare of our citizens.”

These findings are based on an evaluation by The nonpartisan group of public health and crisis experts that ranked Marland based on an analysis of the state’s performance on four Centers for Disease Control-recommended benchmarks: 14-day decline in influenza-like illness; declining COVID positive cases; diminishing percentage of COVID positive cases; and appropriate hospital capacity.

As of July 7th, Maryland was meeting 3 of four benchmarks. Specifically, Maryland is currently falling short on the number of positive cases, the 7-day rolling average for cases increased from 371 to 378 over the last 14-days. 

Nationally, only 3  states are meeting the standards in all four categories as of July 6th.

“Every situation is different, so there’s no one-size-fits all formula for states to follow to the letter,” said Scarr. “As we see positive COVID-19 cases creep up, Maryland must continue to be vigilant in its efforts to combat the virus.”


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