Maryland PIRG-backed comprehensive climate bill clears major hurdle

Every day that we don’t switch to clean, renewable energy and electricity is an opportunity missed. New legislation seeks to seize that opportunity in Maryland.

On March 15, the Maryland Senate voted to pass the Climate Solutions Now Act, which would increase the state’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 60% of 2006 levels by 2030. The goal currently sits at reducing emissions by 40%. The bill would also increase the state’s electric vehicle fleet and require large buildings to reduce emissions, among other targets.

Pollution from fossil fuel-powered buildings and transportation puts Maryland families’ health and safety at risk. If the bill is passed, it would also require most state buildings to reduce their climate-harming emissions as part of the larger goal of hitting net zero by 2045.

“Now is the time for Maryland to stop over-investing in our gas distribution network,” said Maryland PIRG State Director Emily Scarr. “This bill moves us in the right direction toward more efficient buildings powered by clean energy.”

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Photo: In addition to other targets, the bill would increase the state’s electric vehicle fleet. Credit: Scharfsinn via Shutterstock


Aaron Colonnese

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