Passage of H.R. 4078 Would Shut Down Public Health and Consumer Safeguards and Put All Americans at Risk

Illinois PIRG

Washington, D.C. – Statement of Nasima Hossain, Illinois PIRG Public Health Advocate, on passage of H.R. 4078.

“The House’s passage of H.R. 4078 would shut down the U.S. regulatory system as we know it, delaying virtually all rule making and public health protections.

“This delay would mean more unsafe foods, medical devices and drugs on the market.  Most of us have been lucky enough to take public health protections for granted, and these long-fought-for rules play a critical role every day in maintaining our quality of life. They make our food safer to eat, our cars safer to drive, our air safer to breathe, and our products safer to use.

“Our rules have always kept America strong and safe. Industry lobbyists and their allies claim that blocking new public health protections will create jobs and boost the economy. But the truth is they are just trying to dodge new safety rules to plump-up their bottom line.”

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