Clean energy

City Council Hearing on the Clean and Affordable Buildings Ordinance

9:45 am - 12:00pm CDT

City Hall, 121 N LaSalle St, Chicago, Illinois 60602

ICJC | Used by permission

Nearly 1 in 5 Chicago residents are behind on their gas bills and gas rates are continuing to increase. Additionally, burning gas indoors exposes us to chemicals that cause cancer and asthma. The Clean & Affordable Buildings Ordinance is a key first step in the necessary transition away from fossil fuels that are expensive, harmful to our health, and bad for our climate.

The ordinance sets an indoor emissions standard that would effectively eliminate the use of fossil fuels in newly constructed buildings in Chicago. Electric buildings are cheaper to build and maintain, especially after Peoples Gas’ record-breaking rate hike.

We have cheaper, cleaner, and safer ways to heat our homes. It’s time to transition away from gas and the easiest place to start is new buildings. Show your support by coming to a subject matter hearing being held by the Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards and Environmental Protections and Energy joint committee hearing on April 3rd.