Letter to Congress: Count Every Vote Act (S. 804)

Georgia PIRG

Dear Senator Clinton,

We write to thank you for your leadership on election reform at the outset of the 110th Congress with the introduction of the Count Every Vote Act (S. 804) and to let you know that U.S. PIRG supports your efforts to improve the workings of our democracy and remove barriers to voter participation.

USPIRG applauds the comprehensive reform measures that will help to ensure the accuracy of our elections and restore confidence among Americans in the election process.  While the organization does not take a position on every aspect of the legislation, the bil contains numerous important improvements to the nation’s elections process.  Common sense measures like voter verified paper trails, ballot security, funding for poll worker training, minimum standards for election machines and nonpartisan election administration are important steps toward correcting problems reported in recent elections.  These problems not only cast doubt on the integrity of our elections, they add fodder to a growing cynicism that dampens involvement and participation in the political process.

USPIRG is also encouraged to see included in the bill provisions calling for election-day registration, new outreach requirements to eligible voters, uniform standards for voter registration and registration list maintenance, prohibitions on voter suppression and expanded access to and uniform standards for provisional and emergency ballots. These provisions will remove long-standing barriers and offer real opportunities to re-engage the broader public in elections.  And, although the bill speaks to federal elections, the impact will certainly be felt in state and local races as well.

We look forward to working with you on these issues.  



Gary Kalman

Democracy Advocate