Make Polluters Pay

Eckerd College class welcomes PIRG advocate Danielle Melgar for a guest lecture

A class on environmental communications wanted to know: How do good communications translate into progress on environmental issues?

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Danielle Melgar | TPIN
PIRG advocate Danielle Melgar gives a guest lecture on the Make Polluters Pay campaign

On Friday, PIRG Food & Agriculture advocate Danielle Melgar stepped in as a guest lecturer for an environmental communications class at Eckerd College in Florida. She shared with the class how her team won its Make Polluters Pay campaign, and how important strong communications were in the campaign’s success. Read more about the issue here, and follow along with the campaign’s incremental progress on the way to victory:

While she now runs PIRG’s Food & Agriculture program, Danielle started this campaign with the Zero Out Toxics program. She and her team worked to build the public support necessary to pass good policy to ensure polluters pay to clean up toxic waste sites across the country.

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